Who We Are

MarketLab is the world’s first free, high-quality stock intelligence product designed to empower everyday investors with the tools to invest smarter. Professional investors don’t have a monopoly on intelligence, critical thinking, or common sense. Their outperformance has more to do with access to information that the rest of us don’t have – and that monopoly can be broken.


At MarketLab, we believe a retail investing renaissance is taking place. Barriers preventing access to financial markets are coming down, giving millions of people the ability to invest in affordable, frictionless securities. What remains, however, is a stacked deck as hedge funds and institutional investors pay billions to investment banks, research houses, and data providers for an informational edge. For this to be a true revolution, we need a corresponding improvement in the information available to everyday investors: regular people just trying to plan for their financial future. Otherwise, all we’ve done is normalize gambling – and the House always wins.

That’s where MarketLab comes in. We can’t expect JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs to give their research products away at no cost. So, we have created our own: tailor-made MarketLab research and educational resources to suit the unique needs of independent investors. And, under a primarily ad-supported model, we can provide these products for free. Specifically, we are out to provide every investor with:

Actionable Insight

To provide investors with real-time, actionable information to respond to the constantly evolving market landscape

Faster Knowledge

To help investors get up the knowledge curve more efficiently and reach conclusions about investment ideas sooner

Deeper Understanding

To reduce blind-spots and help build a more complete understanding of investment features (risks, catalysts, indicators, and read-throughs)

MarketLab is launching soon! Please check out this survey and let us know what features matter most to you so we can make this Beta a success!

MarketLab is an Investment Intelligence and Analytics company dedicated to the retail investor market.

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